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This site was set up to support Disc Golf in the greater Harrisburg(PA) area. Located in East Pennsboro Township off Erford Road at Ridley Park and the distinction of being the 1st Disc Golf Course in Cumberland County.

The course is currently set up with 9 baskets (18 by Spring '07). It is a great beginner and recreational course because of its openness yet has enough obstacles to challenge more advanced players, but beware the mighty Conodoguinet Creek that is a natural OB and the backyards of the residents who live along the park. More than a few advanced throwers discs have been swallowed up.

The distances vary from hole 1-173' to hole 9-425' with an average distance of 285'. All natural tee areas with signage for suggested flight path, distance to basket, and par. A scorecard box is located on hole 1's tee sign. A nice mix of shots for every throwing style can be either developed or practiced. Long gentle hyzers, banking anhyzers, straight on, and even a hole to work on your rollers.

Ridley Park is on 16 acres along the Conodoguinet Creek. The amenities include an updated playground, a walking path, a pavilion w/ 3 charcoal grills, volleyball court, baseball field, & basketball court. All of which are included in the design of the course to be played away from so as to not interfere with non-discers using the park.

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